Time to Evolve

Hi friends,
I am getting ready to launch something REALLY nerve-wracking for me: a Patreon page. 
Patreon is a way for artists to get paid for making art, and a way for art-lovers to become PATRONS. Art patronage has been a way for the wealthy to support creative types since the time of early human civilization. 
Now, you can be a patron of the arts too, and you need not be rich. Becoming a patron of my art costs as little as $3 a month. Yup, less than one day’s fancy coffee.
I’m nervous. You have said that you enjoy my progress sketches and my creative process. You have said that you wish you had artistic talent. You have asked me where my inspiration comes from. You have wondered how to foster your own creativity.
I have been sharing these things with you for free. I love sharing my creativity and creations. But art supplies are fantastically expensive. And, I may spend DAYS making a sculpture or drawing. How much do you get paid for your work week?
I just want to pay my bills while doing the work I was sent here to do. So, I wonder, will you be my patron? Will you pay a small amount to support my work, to hear what inspires me, to follow along while an image gets birthed from a piece of paper or paint or fur or bone? 
I am currently working on my Patreon page and a new website that features my art. I will update you when they are ready. PHEW! Here I go…

Learn about Patreon- the new way to be a patron of the arts.

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