The Outrageous Cost of Healthy

The search for good health has become incredibly complicated; elusive; expensive. Recently, during an energy healing session, my client broke down into tears saying “I just do not know anymore what to eat, what to take, and who to believe.” A sentiment shared by many. Shiny packaging promises a miracle of science and technology, while displaying a pretty green leaf to assure us that it is ‘natural’.  TV pharmaceutical drug ads show serene couples bathing side by side in outdoor claw foot tubs, surrounded by incredible natural views as they hold hands… deeply in love. This can be your life too with the miracle of that drug- please don’t bother with the pesky side effect warnings. Powerful, beautiful people with sleek bodies and perfect families drive shiny new cars. Surely your biceps will get bigger if you drive a Ram or Powerstroke? Raw power will be yours in a Jaguar or Barracuda? Money and prestige in a Country Club or Diplomat??


The nation’s largest retailers spend millions every year on marketing. These costs are rolled into the price of their product, whether that product is a drug, cosmetic, automobile, food or service. And marketing professionals earn their pay by researching what attracts you. What you yearn for. What excites you. It is a powerful game played very well by corporations to increase the bottom line: Profit. Now, I am not saying profit is bad! I want to profit too! What I am saying is that we often become confused by conflicting, seductive information- even when our own good instincts and intelligence tell us otherwise. We have become habituated to spending the largest chunks of our income on products and services that keep us trapped into stressful jobs and lifestyles. We say we want to change- eat better, excercise more, adopt wholistic practices, live our dreams- but we simply cannot afford it. I challenge you to explore that paradigm, friend.


Food is a great place to start.  Seductive ads for hot, salty french fries and a smooth, yummy milkshake (I drool as I write this) get our cravings going. And this fast food is so inexpensive! And FAST! And organic food is so expensive and time consuming. All that chopping and slicing. But who hasn’t heard at this point about the dangers of GMO’s; the nutrition deficiencies of monoculture crops; the increased incidence of disease caused by pesticides, herbicides, hormones and antibiotics? So why do we keep eating this stuff? Government subsidized foods and crops are deceptively cheap. We pay for them via our tax burden, and when we are shopping at the super market we feel we need to choose the inexpensive stuff because we simply cannot afford organic, free range, hormone free. Crazy. We are a nation of overweight, stressed, disease ridden people. We throw away TONS of food each year. Research indicates that Americans eat out 4 to 5 times a week, spending over half of our food budget in restaurants. So I ask you- can we really not afford organic, or are we lost in habits that override our intellect? Is it truly about the cost of the organic food, or more about choices? Hey don’t get me wrong- I love to eat out with my friends too! And everything I put in my cart at the market is not organic. And I really get tired of the constant work in the kitchen. However, I value my health and I pay more for my groceries. I shop at farmer’s markets. I raise my own eggs and vegetables. I pressure can and freeze food from my garden and the markets. I shop at these markets as well as my grocery store more frequently than I used to, and buy less so that I waste less. This is hard work that takes time! Organic is hard. Living a long, healthy life is good.


Healthcare is another hot topic these days. As an energy worker and herbalist, I am always hearing clients say that while they know they benefit from Wholistic care, they simply cannot afford it. How much do you really pay for your health care? Add up the monthly amount you and your employer pay for your health insurance. Multiply by 12. Now add in the cost of your prescriptions. That’s a lotta cheddar, my friend. But we NEED our insurance, right?? Maybe we do. But what about choices? Here is a big question to ponder- would you stay at your job if you did not need the health benefits?  Do you like being told how to spend that huge chunk of your income? The U.S. has the highest cost per person for health care in the world- but we only rank 37th in overall health. Read the eye opening report by the World Health Organization for yourself. Did you also know that 80% of the world’s population uses ‘alternative’ practices as the first line of defense in staying healthy, using allopathic (Western) medicine only as a last resort? I am not saying that Western medicine should not be used. If you break your leg, please go to the ER- my herbs won’t help you. But herbs and supplements can and do help you to speed the healing of that broken bone- without the long term damage that continued exposure to pharmaceuticals & those unwanted side effects can cause.


Our allopathic health care system is frighteningly ignorant in the prevention of and recovery from disease through diet, nutrition, stress reduction and plant medicines. These alternative practices are gentler on the body and encourage homeostasis- a body in balance. Homeostasis offers us a way to feel vibrantly healthy, a way to enjoy our days instead of simply surviving.  I see so many people who have been ‘cured’ of diseases by allopathic methods, only to be rushed out of the health care system, with bodies that are alive but somehow… unwell. So what are we to do?


Choose with your eyes open. Trust your intellect. Scrutinize your choices. If you cannot recognize the ingredients in your food or cosmetics, are they really natural and chemical free? Does that ad or packaging play to your emotions? Can a pill really make you skinny? Does an expensive new car, and the painful monthly payment, really improve the happiness in your life? Americans are the most overworked developed nation in the world- want some data on how much you work? Click here. Now look at where you are spending your very hard earned income. Are you choosing or are you being directed?  Do you really know how the cheap food in your store is grown and processed? Watch the movie Food, Inc.  Want to get started on organic eating on a budget? Know the Dirty Dozen– the most highly pesticide contamined foods- and choose organic instead. Want to know more about the benefits of plant based phytomedicines vs. pharmaceuticals? Come chat with me, or watch the movie Numen. I have the DVD- anyone want to have movie night? Message me, we’ll get a group together. Change in our world begins with each one of us. Change is hard. Life is good. And in the end, shift happens.

6 thoughts on “The Outrageous Cost of Healthy”

  1. Wow! Feelin’ your Wheaties this morning, Ms. Kristen?!?!

    I couldn’t agree more. All we have to do is pay attention to our own wellness story, and watch the unfolding our our friends’ and families’ wellness journeys to know that health comes with each breath and swallow and is a reflection of the sources of air, water and food we take in. It doesn’t take a PhD to know that our bodies and minds are a reflection of what we expose them to on a daily basis.

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