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I’ll bet at least 6 people have asked me about shielding in the past month or so. They may have not called it “shielding” but they most certainly were asking and talking about shielding. I have come to understand that there may be a good bit of confusion about what a shield is and how to procure and use one.


For those of you uninitiated into the wild, wonderful world of woo-woo, let me explain. You may be imagining a shield like the one pictured above, a warrior’s shield used for protection in battle. And you would not be too far off- the shield I am speaking of, an energetic shield, serves a similar purpose.


Energetic shields (also called spiritual shields) protect the energy body, just as a suit of armour protects the physical body. But protection from what, you might ask? Energetic shields protect our sensitive energy bodies from the negativity of other beings. I say “other beings” because this negativity can be from people, places and things on the material plane as well as unseen beings. The negativity I speak of shielding from can be intentional or unintentional, malicious or accidental, targeted or random.


Too woo-woo for you? OK let’s see. Have you ever had a person, with whom you thought you had a decent relationship, say or do something that bothered you so much you simply could not let it go? Lost sleep over a cruel comment or whisper? Felt so uncomfortable in a building or place that you couldn’t wait to leave? Felt your stomach tense up in a group and couldn’t shake the tension until you were able to go? Had a person corner you at a party and suck you completely dry with their sad, sad story? Yes?


You may just need a shield.


One of the women I was speaking with about shielding said that she knew she should use one, but she didn’t want to cut herself off from other people. Another said she didn’t want to be unaware of people’s true intentions by building an inpenetrable wall. A third said she simply did not know how to shield herself from the negativity of others. She recognized that she had lost a lot of sleep and experienced a lot of angst over others’ negativity toward her. And that the negativity she felt from others created negativity in herself.


Energetic shielding is not about detaching from the world. It is not about putting ourselves in a bubble so that we cannot feel. Shielding does not prevent the inevitable and necessary pain (and joy) of the human experience. To shield is simply to place a filter around the sacred gift of our life force. This filter prevents the unneeded emotional energies of others from lodging within our energy bodies. And, get this, shielding can help keep OUR negative energies from affecting others as well.


I have been told by my Guidance to compare an energetic shield to a placenta. Here is a description of the placenta by a physician. “The placenta’s primary purpose is to provide the fetus with nourishment, eliminate its wastes and exchange respiratory gasses. Furthermore, the placenta functions as a selective barrier against transmission of microbes to the fetus.” A shield does much the same. A properly intended shield allows high vibrational life force energy to pass through and nourish us. It also allows us to safely release our own toxins. A shield allows the exchange of necessary energies, while acting as a selective barrier against that which may harm us. We are children of the Creator, by whichever name we choose, and as above so below. As a mother shields her child, so might the Creator shield each of us.


This is a timely topic for me as well- there are no accidents. As an energy healer and herbalist, I work closely with people’s health & emotional issues. I have a practice of shielding before sessions, so much so that it has become second nature to me… simply the water in which I swim. But the world is in a lot of pain at this time. People are often frightened these days, and frightened beings lash out at each other. So I too have to revisit and reinforce my practice of shielding after experiencing the negativity of others, and the inevitable backlash of wanting to express that negativity in return. I am grateful that I know how to shield, and I would like to share a shielding process with you, in hope that we may avoid getting our negativities on each other.


Shielding is a simple process. At the beginning of your day, or before an event where you anticipate potential emotional negativity, find a quiet place to sit or lie down. Take a few deep breaths, and focus on the rise and fall of your chest as you breathe. This brings the focus inward.


Declare with certainty the sacred gift of your life, and know that you have been given the right to be here by the God of your understanding. No person or being can take that priviledge away from you. State this in a sentence or two that has meaning for you personally- one that you can easily remember. Keep it simple and sincere.  An example might be “This is my sacred body, and my sovereign space. Only those things that are for my highest growth can enter my sacred space”


Say the words you have chosen several times, until you are focused and strong with them. Next, imagine a powerful shield that expresses your words. This shield may look like a traditional metal warrior’s shield, or it may be something very different. I have helped many people find their shields, and they are each unique. Some examples of shields I have experienced with others: a bubble surrounding the body, a whirlwind that has the body in the eye of the wind, a favorite color that descends over the body and extends outward, a beautiful crystal sword. There is NO right or wrong image.


Finally, spend a few minutes really seeing or feeling your shield. Know with certainty that this shield acts as a placenta- nourishing, exchanging with others, safely releasing your own negativity and protecting against unnecessary damage from outside energies. When you are ready, intend strongly that this shield will protect you for your best and highest good and that of all the beings that you meet this day.


Shielding in this manner can create a deep feeling of safety. When we feel safe, we are free to be our authentic selves. Being authentic is empowering, and empowered people are less likely to take other’s negativity to heart, and are themselves less likely to be negative. It is good practice to stop and “refresh” your shield on occasion when first learning. Now, go out and greet the world with confidence, spiritual warrior!

Note: response to this blog generated many requests for help in obtaining a shield. If you have interest in a short group session on shielding, please contact me.

4 thoughts on “Shields UP!”

  1. Excellent, as usual. I appreciate the generosity your offer in giving simple instructions for all of us to practice. At the risk of TMI – I have a protector. He carries a sword. I often reign him in when I feel him step forward, often to my own regret. Reading blogs like this one help me remember the innate wisdom of our imaginations, and the reality of the energetic world. Thanks!

  2. This is so timely…like Lorrie, I appreciate the simple instructions for daily practice. I had a daily routine similar to this a couple years back – but lost it somewhere in my travels. As of today, it’s re-instituted. Thank you!

  3. Kristen, I loved this post. I struggle with energetic merging, and while I’ve heard the term shielding many times, I’ve never known how to do it! I really appreciate the clarity and simplicity of your instructions and can’t wait to give them a try.

    I also wanted to say that I love the way you deal with ‘woo-woo-ness,’ using gentle humor and alternate approaches to help people access this important wisdom.

    Wonderful! Thanks!

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