Herbalism for Home and Homestead

Medicinal, Edible & Useful Plants for Healing, Self Sufficiency, and Survival

CLASS SERIES COMING SOON! Kristen Dorsey and the North American Bushcraft School are launching a year long training program on medicinal, edible and useful local plants.  Classes include herbal medicine, organic wild edible forage & cooking, plant dyes, first aid, and other local plant uses. These are necessary skills toward more self sufficient living.

This comprehensive program will include in-depth, hands on classes held over a year long period. Classes will be held Friday thru Sunday and will include instruction into the evening hours. Attendees are encouraged to stay on the premises or in a hotel or B&B nearby.

The primary goal of this series is to create a deep familiarity with and connection to our local flora. Students will learn to recognize useful plants in every season. Medicinal, edible and other uses of these plants will be explored. A combination of hands-on preparation experience in the Community Apothecary, identification and harvesting walks, and classroom study will ensure effective learning.

Upon successful completion, attendees will be able to identify, harvest, process, cook and use dozens of local plants for food, medicine, dye, first aid and animal/livestock health. Energy recognition & healing, cross-species & cross dimension communication, and other shamanic processes and ceremonies will be offered as part of our class series.

Classes can be taken as a complete series; by the 3 day weekend; and individually. Questions? Interested?? Please contact us!

Edible & Medicinal Plant Walk & Class
Saturday May 20th 2017
9am to 4pm
Join Kristen for a Spring edible & medicinal plant walk, ID, forage and materia medica.
We will meet at 9am and wander the grounds of the North American Bushcraft School until 1pm. We will identify and harvest many plants along the way.
After a lunch break (please bring your own lunch, water, snacks) we will sit together and discuss, in detail, the edible and medicinal uses of the plants we have found. We will include parts used, best time to harvest, and preparation techniques. Cooking techniques and recipes will be discussed for the edible plants. Kristen will bring prepared wild edible snacks for sampling.Please bring a camera (your phone is fine), closed toe shoes for walking, clothing in layers for comfort, sunscreen and insect repellent. Kristen will have her botanical tick shield for sale if you need some. Bring a chair or blanket for sitting on for our afternoon session.
$65 includes prepared wild edible snacks & recipe
9am to 4pm Sat may 20th

What’s On MY Land???: Kristen will visit your property or a park near you to identify local edible and medicinal plants. Invite as many friends as you wish, or keep it private. Travel fees may apply.

Walk Only: 

Kristen will join you and you friends for a two hour session which includes a discussion on wild harvesting tools and best practices; a plant ID walk; a question and answer session. $150 plus travel costs if required

Plant Walk & Wild Edible Cooking class:

Two hours of plant walk, ID & harvest, 2 hours of cooking simple recipes in the kitchen with Kristen. You buy the food/ingredients that we are not harvesting (list provided). Best for small groups (2-6) $350 plus cost of food

For more complex recipes and larger groups over 6 attendees, Chef Tina will join the class and cook a gourmet wild plant meal. All will participate in the preparation of the meal. Special diets can be accommodated (vegetarian, gluten free, etc) $550 plus cost of food

Plant Walk and Apothecary 101:

Two hours of plant walk, ID & harvest, 2 hours of basic herbal medicine instruction in the kitchen with Kristen. You buy the materials necessary for the class (list provided). All participants will leave with an herbal preparation they have made or started. Best for small groups (2-12) $350 plus cost of materials

EMAIL KRISTEN for details.