Kristen Dorsey, Shamanic Herbalist

“La Loba” is a folk tale of the Crone who sings over the bones of animals she gathers while wandering the Land. La Loba sings over the bones under the full moon and reunites the soul with the bones, restoring life. When La Loba finds the complete skeleton of a wolf, she sings over the bones. The wolf is re-membered and transforms under the moonlight into a laughing woman. La Loba sends this Wolf Woman out among us as a reminder of our powerful, wild nature. Come find the song in your own bones and re-member!


Do You Want to Connect

more deeply with Nature and our Earth? There is a rising interest in direct relationships with the plants and animals that live within our biosphere. Join us and others who are turning away from materialism and returning to homesteading, permaculture, small farms and intentional communities.

Four Out of Every Five

people on our Earth use plant medicine as their primary source of health care. Having deep, intimate knowledge of our local medicinal and edible plants is essential as we return to these simpler lifestyles.

La Loba Earth Medicine

offers a series of powerful classes designed for people interested in local plant knowledge. Classes include herbal medicine, organic wild edible forage & cooking, plant dyes, first aid, and other local plant uses. These are necessary skills toward more self-sufficient living. La Loba training also includes the healing practices and energy awareness of the shaman & related shamanic ceremonies.


with the spirit and energy of our Earth. A hunger for ceremony and connection has us seeking ancient and primitive ways. We can re-member our connection to All That Is. Let’s look our food in the face; listen to the wisdom of the Plants; find La Loba within each of us. The Earth is our Medicine.